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Stronger Brands is your partner for both product value and integrity. Through joint message and reputation management, we lead consumers to your brand and your products. We provide a high level of service that can get you noticed on Amazon. We rely on current data gathered through analytics to get your brand the results it deserves.

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Our Brand Services

Amazon Search Optimization

Amazon Search Optimization

Supply Chain & Pricing

Supply Chain And Pricing

Amazon Product Presentation

Amazon Product Presentation

Amazon Product Pricing

Amazon Product Pricing

Amazon Purchasing Behavior

Customer Questions And Reviews

Being Seen is Critical to Success

Amazon Search Optimization

Is your product struggling to appear in customer search results?  It is possible that your product has the wrong keywords. Our staff will perform a thorough analysis of your product listing, and update the product details so that the product will appear in more searches.  The changes we make will be the result of a top-down review of your product.  Our updates will result in your product appearing in more relevant searches. 

  • Reviewing and updating product keywords to improve presence.
  • Assist you with targeted advertising to help with product visibility. 
  • We conduct keyword research to help capture the most potential buyers. 

Content Strategy

Amazon ranks products based on purchase likelihood. This ranking is based on things like product reviews, copy, traffic, price, and prime status. We can help make sure that your content strategy for your products support all of these channels and content types. 

Keyword Optimization

Keywords determine if you even appear in search results. Amazon automatically excludes any products that are not relevant to the customer's search. We will place your keywords where they're needed to make sure your products are indexed high and often. 

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising gets your product in front of the right people. Some say casting a wide net catches the most fish, but if the fish aren't worth catching, why bother? Our policy is to target consumers that are most likely to purchase your products and respond to your brand.

Keeping Price Integrity Consistent

Supply Chain And Pricing

Are you struggling with too many sellers or violations to your MAP? We determine who the offenders are, and work with you to get them removed from the listing. In addition, after helping to correct a bad seller problem, we can monitor your product going forward.  

  • Monitoring of who is selling your products and at what prices to make sure there are no MAP pricing violations.
  • Tracking your prices in real-time to find new offenses. 
  • Identifying counter-feit variants of your product on Amazon to maintain brand integrity. 

MAP Policy Violation Tracking

Minimum Advertised Price violations will never fly under the radar with our help. We can make sure that your brand is protected from sellers who are trying to push out the little guy. Maintaining your brand value and keeping your smaller resellers happy.

Real Time Price Monitoring

Pricing can be tracked in real-time so you have accurate data on who is selling your products, at what price, and who is violating your map. Helping you take control of your brand on Amazon. 

Counterfeit Product Tracing

Counterfeit products can hurt the integrity of your brand. Amazon is riddled with forged products that may have the right logo on them but they most definitely don't match the quality. We can find and report counterfeit products to Amazon. Keeping your product and brand integrity intact.

Properly Representing Your Brand

Amazon Product Presentation

Our staff will properly register your product with Amazon with you as the product owner. We will update your product listing with new graphics and video to suitably match or even exceed the quality of your competitors' listings. If you have high-quality images, we will format these for proper display based on Amazon's rules. If you need new images and video, these are among our capabilities as well.  

  • Quality images of your product to most accurately represent the value that you offer.
  • Videos of your products to illustrate how to them and establish quality of the product as well.  
  • Easy to consume, creative, and enticing copy that accurately represents the products that you offer.

The Media That You Need

We can provide you with all of the photos, videos, and other media that you need to make your products shine bright on Amazon. The images that we provide can meet or even exceed the quality of your competitors making your products appear even more attractive to prospective buyers along with meet Amazon's rules for media to best present your products.

Copywriting That Converts

It's not all about pretty pictures and videos. While that is an important part of it, having the right copy is essential to your customers getting their questions answered. We'll write easy to consume copy for your products that thoroughly answers any questions your customers or prospective buyers may have. 

Making Sure You're Found

Not only does the copy that we write help convert customers, but we also make sure that your product descriptions are search engine optimized for Amazon. We update your descriptions to include the necessary keywords to make your Amazon listings appear higher in search results, leading to more sales. 

No Guessing on Price Here.

Amazon Product Pricing

Not sure what price you should be selling your products for? We can help with that. We can do a price vs value analysis to make sure that your pricing is in line with the features and perceived values of your product and brand. 

  • We can analyze your competitors and see what they are selling similar products for. 
  • We will discover what pricing we can charge for your products to help it rank higher, while still maximizing profits. 

Competitively Priced And Profitable

Staying one step ahead of your competitors is a must when selling on Amazon. Stronger Brands Co. reviews your competition’s prices extensively. Using the data we gather, we can find a price point that allows you to stay competitive in the marketplace while remaining profitable. It’s a breeze to establish your niche and sell your products when you work with us!

Product Price Stability

Managing the amount of value you provide with your product is an integral part of product pricing on Amazon. Providing a high level of value will draw potential customers to your brand and your products. Balancing this value with the price of your product is the key part. Stronger Brands Co.’s Price Vs. Value Analysis makes this process simple and easy to understand.

Price Vs. Value Analysis

Maintaining steady prices allows your brand to build customer trust and increases your viability long-term on Amazon. As with all rules, there are a few exceptions. Holidays play a major role in product pricing deviations. New product launches are also a great time to lower your prices. Overstock could be another reason to alter prices, but all in all, stability is key.

Taking Care of Customers And Prospects

Customer Questions And Reviews

Are you struggling to keep up with bad reviews on your products? Are questions being answered incorrectly or inconsistently? We can review potential customer's questions up to daily, and provide meaningful, friendly information. If a customer has a bad experience, we will work with the customer to provide satisfaction, and request that the review be replaced with more positive feedback.  
Are you missing out on star ratings reviews on Amazon? Our staff can remind customers to leave a five-star review for your product. We provide a means for the customer to leave a comment easily as well.  
  • Responding to custom questions with accuracy and punctuality. 
  • Working with you to make sure consumers find your products, learn about them, and purchase. 
  • Making sure that customers who happen to have a bad experience are satisfied. 

Improving Customer Experience

Your customers will feel like they are looked after when we follow-up with confirmed buyers and request feedback on your products. Giving you additional reviews along with comments on how you could be improving your brand and experience. 

Customer Questions And Answers 

We will promptly answer any questions from your customers or perspective buyers regarding the products that you offer. Building up your product knowledge base and establishing a rapport with potential customers. 

Making Sure You're Discovered

The copy, media, and information that we provide about your product on the Amazon listing, will support your customers journey in finding you, learning about your products, and making a purchase. 

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Chris Ludwig, the owner, is an Electrical Engineer with a Master's of Business Administration from the University of Iowa.  Chris’ Master’s Degree focus was Marketing, Brand Management, Product Pricing, and Data Analytics.  

Chris worked in the avionics industry for ten years, working on human interface designs for aircraft displays.  He also managed the budget and staff for the development of an autopilot system for use in a tanker refueler aircraft used by the United States Air Force.  He also worked on the factory introduction of that autopilot system from prototyping to low-rate production.

Chris and his staffers handle various tasks associated with keeping your product listings humming.  There are many background tasks to be managed, but keeping products on Amazon shouldn’t be a headache or a struggle. Among the many tasks we do, the team can improve listings by changing keywords, modifying photos, and better organizing bullet points. Keeping your products appealing, and selling. 


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